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  half tray full tray
chicken 85.95 160.95
lamb 95.95 165.95
fish 100.95 170.95
  half tray full tray
shrimp 100.95 170.95
paneer 85.95 160.95
tofu 85.95 160.95

Half tray serves up to 10 | Full tray serves up to 20
Gourmet India


Lightest curry we offer, not creamy or heavy, yet with excellent flavors. An authentic classic curry in a mixture of onion & tomato based sauce with ginger, garlic, hints of roasted cumin & spices.

Gourmet India


This is a classic curry from Punjab in northern India. (Our home state) Perfect for clients who love spinach.Slow cooked fresh spinach puree with ginger, onions, and roasted cumin.

Gourmet India


rustic coconut style curry with fresh veggies.Coconut based curry with fresh broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green bell peppers, sliced onions with hints of spices.

Gourmet India


perfect for clients who want a mild Curry on the mild side.This is a mildly spiced creamy curry with cashews & raisins. (We use light brown raisins)

Gourmet India


excellent coconut flavored curry.A curry made from a mixture of chopped red bell peppers, red onions and coconut with hints of lemon grass.

Gourmet India


Oh you love spicy food? Well this dish was invented just for you hundreds of years ago in the state of Goa. (West coast India)Chunks of potatoes and tomatoes, infused with vinegar, tamarind chutney, paprika, in a flavorful curry with hints of ginger and garlic.

Gourmet India


most popular curry here, must try for someone who is trying Indian food for the very 1st time.This curry is a mixture of tomato & onion purée with hints of traditional spices and a touch of cream.